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The Bright Spot Hour

Dear Radio Friends,

The Bright Spot Hour is opperating in our 76th year of broadcasting without ever being off the air.  It was 76 years ago that my grandfather began the broadcast. By the grace of God, the miracle has been accomplished. I am trusting the Lord for the next 24 years, bringing us to the 100th celebration. I will be 77 years of age at the 100th anneversary celebration, and by the grace of God, I anticipate being alive to celebrate that. Please check the link on this page that will take you to our You Tube channel, where you can find a video of every Bright Spot Hour broadcast.  

I rejoice in the good Sunday we enjoyed in King George, Virginia at the Tabernacle Baptist Church for the Rev. Dr. Sherman Davis and his congregation. I rode the BMW up on Saturday and preached three times on Sunday. The services, the preaching and the meals were all wonderful for which I am grateful. I rode back on Monday, June 22 arriving home in the early afternoon, a total of 945 miles on the bike. 

The Bright Spot Hour has been removed from our local "home" station, WTBI, 91.5 FM, 1540 kHz, am in Pickens. The official candidate season has opened as of June 1st and will run through the election on November 3rd. Since I am running for County Council, Greenville County District 25, I will be off the air in Greenville County. On November 4th, 2020, I trust to be able to resume the 6:05 and 11:05am time slot with the Bright Spot Hour although at this point, I have been unable to receive a definite answer from the radio station. Your prayers and calls to WTBI radio, 864-295-2145, in this matter would be appreciated.

Let me invite you to visit a new website we are building: Important informantion will be there for those in the upstate of South Carolina.

The site plans are being drawn for the moving of the Bright Spot Hour building and its attachment to our present Real Estate office. This will be a tremindous blessing for the Bright Spot Hour and the ministry through radio the Lord has allowed us to have for 77 years.

Please pass the link to the site along to all your e-mail contacts and we can increase our listeners, reaching as many people as we can with the gospel of Christ.

Respectfully yours,

Dr. Ben Carper



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